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D1 Favourite sitter: Stacey
D2 Least favourite sitter: Kristy
D3 Favourite regular book: the all-new Mallory Pike
D4 Least favourite regular book: keep out claudia
D5 Favourite mystery: dawn undercouver, babyu-sittera
D6 Least favourite mystery: Stacey and the msising ring
D7 Favourite super special new york, new york
D8 Least favourite super special island adventure
D9 Favourite minor character Adelaide Sidney form LS
D10 Least favourite minor character Cookie
D11 Favourite sitting charge Andrew Brewer
D12 Least favourite sitting charge Besty soback
D13 Favourite parent: Richard Spier
D14 Least favourite parent: .Mrs. Gardella
D15 Favourite BSC fight: Dawwn vs bsc 50
D16 Favourite BSC love interest Scott
D17 Favourite BSC organised event the carnaval in book 44
D18 Favourite vacation spot New york
D19 Favourite Holiday Book: Mary anne's bad-luck mysteyr
D20 Favourite couple in the book: Mary Anne/Logan
D21 Favourite couple not in the book (as in who you wanted to get together but didn't) Jessi/Logan
D22 BSC member or minor character you could see yourself being friends with: Jessi
D23 Favourite Friends Forever: graduation day
D24 Least Favourite Friends Forever: kristy poiwer
D25 Moments/Scene from the books that sticks out to you the most: the whole stacey steal a ring in m1
D26 Favourite Claudia outfit: none
D27 Favorite Stacey outfit:none
D28 One thing you learned from the BSC: second war segration
D29 Favourite BSC 'villain': Alan gray
D30 Biggest 'that wouldn't really happen in real life' moment: winning the lotery in ss5
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Favorite Sitter:

hum, i think my favorite sitter is Stacey cuz i can releate to her because i aslo have a health cinidtion and i don't let it stop me the most of possible
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